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UP.Ed is an Afrikaans learning app, created by exceptional teachers for primary and high school learners in South Africa, that works offline and allows learners to learn in a language of their choice.

Subjects available:

Afrikaans FAL Senior (7-12)

Afrikaans FAL Junior (4-7)

Price for individuals and homeschools:

R50 per month per learner per subject

R400 per year per learner per subject


Price for schools:

R300 per year per learner per subject

How to get it:

High School Teacher

"I can't imagine not using UP.Ed to teach anymore."

High School Teacher

"This is the X-factor."

Survey Comment

UP.Ed is a great idea, and needs to be funded so it can be available to everyone.

High School Teacher

"[Ek wil] jou gelukwens met jou briljante produk! Dit gaan my lewe verseker makliker maak. Nogmaals baie dankie vir die opleiding asook jou geduldige en vriendelike hulp."

Professor of Education 

"The platform is a simple, clear, well structured learning application that provides learners with the basic knowledge needed to understand a subject as well as ample and carefully thought through feedback that enables learners to take control of their learning."

High School Teacher

"UP.Ed is helping my grade eight learners to practice vital skills in class and at home. They are engaged and enthusiastic! It really works."

Grade 9

"I'd much rather work on UP.Ed than doing worksheets or the booklets. With UP.Ed I immediately know what mistakes I've made and I can fix it then and there."

Grade 11

"At first, I really struggled but now this is what I use to learn and prepare for tests."

Survey Comment

"UP.Ed is where I go to when I'm stressing for a test and I want to do well."